The first day of our Norway roadtrip. New Vlog!

Hey folks! It’s me, Mikael..

Writing in english because my language of choice for social media is english.
Just wanted to make you aware of my recent upload on youtube!
It’s the first vlog from Eleonor and mine adventure in Norway last week!

We decided to do a week of car-camping with a small tent to really experience the country, hopping from one campsite to another and enjoying gorgeous hikes in beautiful scenery.

This first day we needed to drive 600KM to even get to Norway and Drammen, which would be our first stop. We got a tent-space right by the water and the weather was nice and calm. Just perfect! A very nice start to our trip.
I also got an opportunity for some landscape photography as well as getting pooped on by a bird.. That’s the second time that happens this summer! I don’t know if the universe is trying to tell me something..