Photographs from our norway trip, Day one.

Soo.. Yeah.

Me and my girlfriend Eleonor went on a road trip to Norway the other week..
Could you call this a staycation?
Anywho, it was a non-flying vacation, and non-hotel too for that matter.
We decided to camp in a small tent the whole week, this way we would really get to experience the country in all its glory, close up and personal with every mosquito and horsefly they have to offer!

Our first plan was to visit Trolltunga and then do another smaller hike at the Vöringsfossen waterfall.. But we quickly decided to scratch that plan since the Trolltunga hike is a 14 hour round trip and is visited by ca 1000 people daily.. As staggering as that place would be, we weren’t sure that we’d enjoy it all that much..
It would turn out that we much more enjoyed our new plans doing smaller hikes to some equally amazing places.

Our first day of driving took us to Drammen, where I got the chance to do some landscape photography right by the campsite, An absolutely perfect start to what would become a sweaty, and wonderful stay in norway!

To be continued..
(As soon as more photos and vlogs are done)