Photographs from our Norway trip. Day 2

So.. Norway huh?

This was the day and drive that was going to take us further into Norway to where the real mountains and fjords are located.
What was said to be a 4,5 hour drive according to the GPS turned into something like a 7 hour drive including a few quick stops.. The GPS simply does not consider steep ascents and descents, or narrow, twisty roads for that matter..
We drove across a big plateau called Hardangervidda and arrived at our campsite on the valley floor right in time for dinner!

Later in the night we had a hike planned.
This hike would take us to the bottom of the Vøringsfossen waterfall.
The hike was technical, but not very demanding since there was no big differences in elevation throughout the hike.
You do, however have to watch your step since you’re essentially walking on rocks the whole way. So sturdy shoes with hard soles come highly recommended!

The experience of being close to this waterfall was everything we could have imagined and more.. Never have I felt so small before!
We stayed there for a little while but all the mist (more like rain really) made us wet and cold pretty quickly, so we decided to get out of there pretty soon.
However, we did come away with some cool photos as shown below!