Photographs from our Norway roadtrip, day five.

We hiked up to Himakånå!

Now, this was a pleasant hike! We got beautiful weather, did it in the evening light, the surroundings were breathtaking and the pay off at the top was SO good!

We drove south from Lofthus and Odda, down to the small village of Nedstrand a few hours inland from Stavanger. This drive was way more time consuming than what the GPS said it to be, but ever so beautiful!
In Nedstrand we found a small camping, or more like a place where people park their caravan and build cottages around them, like small summer homes. Here we found a place for the tent right by the water and the facilities were modern and fresh! By the way, we didn’t have to use cash once in norway, not even at small, obscure campsites, they all accept card payment!

The hike really speaks for itself, just feast your eyes at the photographs we gathered, and have a super great day!