Photographs from our Norway Roadtrip Day four

Glaciers, sketchy hikes and big waterfalls.

This day started with a beautiful morning, some coffee and oatmeal got us going although I did feel a little sore from my 650M of elevation hike last night!
We had decided to head down to Odda, and keep going to Buer where we parked our car and started hiking towards the Folgefonna glacier..
Now, the hike was marked red.. the turist info said ”leisurely hike” but we were soon to discover that ”leisurely” means a whole different thing here in Norway..

The hike started out pretty nice and easy, it runs along a big roaring waterfall that leads down the valley from the glacier. This waterfall is linked to several smaller streams that you have to cross, but there are some pretty good bridges to help for the most part.
However.. it was when we started to encounter more and ever sketchier climbs where ropes mounted that we started to feel a little uncomfortable. We kept going but when we got to a ca 20m high climb with only a rope to grab onto that we decided to turn around. Kids were and parents were tumbling down the wall, scared dogs were klinging on for dear life and when stepping back a few meters it looked like chaos.. Who even brings small kids up red hikes anyway? Add to that a big roaring waterfall right by the side of this which means certain death for any one taking a missed step.

No, we turned around, we were close enough to be able to say we’ve seen a glacier up close 🙂 We did, however, get some pretty cool photos of ourselves as well as the nature around us.. these are shown right below! So with no further ado, I’ll wish you a continued happy evening, and we’ll talk soon again!