Photographs from our Norway roadtrip day three.

Soo.. This hike didn’t go as planned..

Yeah, this day started out pretty mellow with a short drive to Lofthus where we found a gorgeous campsite on a little shelf among lush fruit-plantations and surrounded by high mountains and beautiful turquoise fjord water.

We went down the hill to go for a swim and ended up staying at the beach for a while, aquiring a red-ish hue on our sun-depraved skin.
I later decided to go for a hike up to a peak called Nosi.. ca 1000m above sea level.
Yeah, uhm, I made it to ca 650M but no further.. My stamina just would not have it.
So I decided to stop at a clearing and start taking photos of just about everything I could see..
As I headed down again, I kept taking photos along the way and got away with some pretty cool ones as shown below. I still have to come to terms with editing of some images from the Fujifilm cameras.. Most wedding stuff is pretty straight forward but getting the landscape shots just right color wise is proving to be kinda difficult at times.. Oh well, to be continued 🙂

Have a good day, and I’ll talk to you soon again.